eCORP International, LLC together with its predecessor companies and affiliates (“eCORP” or “the Company”) has been in business since 1978. The Company, which is privately held and based in Houston, London, Madrid and Zurich, develops shale gas reserves, natural gas storage facilities and related assets, including pipelines, and also natural gas‐fired power generation. eCORP is distinguished by its core commitment to green development, impeccable safety record and early mover status in both identifying business opportunities and innovating adaptive technologies across all of its business lines to address challenging geologic and environmentally sensitive conditions. The company’s achievements have been enabled by one of the most globally seasoned management teams in the industry.

The global experience of the eCORP management team bridges the energy delivery industry from the reservoir to the burner tip or electric meter with an impeccable safety record. The team represents a combined several hundred years of experience functioning as entrepreneurs, operators and investors in joint ventures, acquisitions, debt, private equity and other financing totaling many billions of dollars. Management has career paths rooted in major companies, including Exxon, Chevron and Shell as well as in mid to large size independents and smaller private companies across the up, mid and downstream spectrum.

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