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Privately held eCORP International, LLC, together with its predecessor companies and affiliates, has been in business since 1978. Based in Houston, London, Madrid and Zurich, the company develops shale gas reserves, natural gas storage facilities and related assets, including pipelines, and also natural gas-fired power generation.

eCORP is distinctly characterized by its impeccable safety record, commitment to environmentally sensitive, green development, surface aesthetics and extensive, proactive community engagement driven by an overarching commitment to achieve local community acceptance of its developments, maximize economic and cultural benefit for the local community and build enduring community relationships. In so doing, the company has historically moved ahead of and beyond industry and regulatory standards in innovating adaptive technologies to address not only challenging geologic but significantly, environmentally sensitive conditions.


ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY (“EOR”) – By the beginning of the 1980s, eCORP had become the largest independent operator of unconventional oil recovery projects in the state of Texas, second only to Shell Oil. eCORP principals have also been involved in one of the largest CO2 flood projects – the Two Freds Field near Pecos, Texas. Oil economics and federal energy policies promulgated during the mid-1980s caused the Company to refocus its business interest to the midstream of the natural gas sector.

NATURAL GAS STORAGE – In the last 25 years, eCORP has come to be regarded as one of the most prolific independent natural gas storage developers, owners and operators in the U.S, where it has applied its technological and environmental innovations. The Company and its principals have either built or been directly involved in the development, operation, sale and acquisition of approximately one-fifth of all new storage capacity additions (thirteen storage facilities with a total working capacity of several hundred BCF) subsequent to U.S. interstate pipeline deregulation which occurred circa 1985.

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POWER DEVELOPMENT – eCORP’s management and professional team have a long standing history of developing and operating electric power generation facilities. Two of eCORP’s key management professionals has have been directly involved in managing the development or operation of more than 15,000 MWs of electric power generation. This experience involved various types of power generation projects including nuclear, coal, oil and natural gas. In addition this experience covers all aspects of power project development and operation including, legal, regulatory, permitting, environmental assessment, engineering/construction contracting and management, schedule and cost control management, fuel procurement, fuel delivery, transmission, distribution and power marketing.

eCORP is interested in developing and owning power projects that provide an opportunity for further infrastructure development and ownership, such as fuel delivery systems and storage, desalination and power transmission.

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E & P / SHALE RESOURCES – eCORP’s E&P team, with careers rooted in majors such as Exxon, Chevron and Shell, has managed literally tens of thousands (10,000s) of conventional, unconventional (coalbed methane, tight sands and shale) and storage wells across every continent, excluding Antarctica. In its North American shale pursuits, the company was well ahead of small independents in its understanding of the potential of shale basins and acquisition of significant acreage positions in the Marcellus, Eagle Ford, and other basins. The team has often advanced technology to implement projects at hand and has operated in environmentally sensitive theaters, including South Louisiana wetlands, among others.

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eCORP TODAY IN EUROPE AND GLOBALLY – Today, eCORP International is one of the larger and more diversified acreage holders in Europe with land positions in countries including the U.K., France, Switzerland: Gross Acres = 2.4 Million; Net Acres = 2.1 Million. Under Application/Targeted in Europe = 4.1 Million Gross / 3.4 Million Net Acres. eCORP believes, based upon evaluations completed thus far, that production of multiple tens of TCF equivalent is feasible from the Company’s European resource potential when including all prospective acreage held by eCORP along with targeted acreage identified herein.

eCORP is not only pursuing its business plan in Europe but is also evaluating opportunities in Asia as well as North and South America. The Company is in advanced joint venture discussions with substantial local entities in all of these other regions regarding the acquisition and development of shale acreage positions exceeding those currently held in Europe. These JVs also include power and storage development.

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SPECIALIZED SHALE BASIN SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES – To accomplish definitive confirmation of the commercial viability of eCORP’s shale assets, the company has conceived, designed, and is in the process of constructing, a shale-specific exploration and production equipment set which is exceptionally minimally invasive and minimally impacting on the environment.

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MANAGEMENT – The experience of the eCORP management team bridges the energy delivery industry from the reservoir to the burner tip or electric meter. The core leadership group’s combined expertise represents hundreds of years of energy sector joint ventures, operations, acquisitions, debt and private equity and other financing totaling many billions of dollars with preeminent companies. A select list of these companies includes EnCap Investments, LLC, Pacific Corporate Group Capital Partners, Chief Exploration & Production, LLC, Chesapeake Energy, Louis Dreyfus Energy Services, LLC, El Paso, Natural Gas Pipeline of America, Western Gas Processors, InterNorth, BNP Paribas, Banc One, Chase, UBS, Entergy and Swiss Re, among others. Many of these transactions involved highly structured project finance, including sophisticated credit enhancements and cost-effective risk transfer solutions.

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