eCORP Services Overview

To accomplish definitive confirmation of the commercial viability of eCORP’s shale assets, in the context of limited services and population density issues in certain areas coupled with lingering concerns about the environmental impacts of (i) shale gas and oil extraction techniques, and (ii) the large scale extraction of these resources, eCORP has conceived, designed, and is in the process of constructing, a shale-specific exploration and production equipment set… a “set of prospecting tools” that is comprised of best-practices, state-of-the-art new technologies and innovations, run by head-of-their-class operating personnel, which are exceptionally minimally invasive and minimally impacting on the environment. The Company will sell these services to third parties globally-a standalone revenue stream.

Specially adapted, zero discharge slim hole drilling (“SHD”), Extended Reach Coiled Tubing Drilling (“CTD”) and pad drilling, whereby a .67 acre surface footprint can drain 3,200 subsurface acres, will be employed. Stimulation and testing will involve a very limited impact propane-based technology which utilizes no water and no other noxious chemicals, employs smaller volumes, fewer trucks, pumps, less operating time, and a much smaller foot print at the well site. The pure propane stimulation technique (“ecorpStim”) affords immediate flow-back and well testing derived from the recapture of the propane, a feature which also results in minimal or no flaring. eCORP continues to explore new technologies and opportunities to additionally reduce visual pollution, such as positioning well sites during the exploration phase in places which would least inconvenience local residents–such as abandoned quarries, industrial areas partially in disuse, placing wellheads in a cellar below grade and building tree-planted berms to conceal the well site. For more information please visit