Today, eCORP International is one of the larger and more diversified acreage holders in Europe with land positions in countries including the U.K., France, Switzerland.

eCORP European Acreage Positions
(Millions of Acres)

  Gross Net
Permits 2.3 2.0
Applications 1.8 1.6
Targets 2.5 1.9
Total 6.6 5.5

eCORP believes, based upon evaluations completed thus far, that production of multiple tens of TCF equivalent is feasible from the Company’s European resource potential when including all prospective acreage held by eCORP along with targeted acreage identified herein.

eCORP is not only pursuing its business plan in Europe but is also evaluating opportunities in Asia as well as North and South America. The Company is in advanced joint venture discussions with substantial local entities in all of these other regions regarding the acquisition and development of shale acreage positions exceeding those currently held in Europe. These JVs also include power and storage development.

To accomplish definitive confirmation of the commercial viability of eCORP’s shale assets, the company has conceived, designed, and is in the process of constructing, a shale-specific exploration and production equipment set which is exceptionally minimally invasive and minimally impacting on the environment. Please refer to the website Services tab for a more complete overview of the Company’s upstream services program.